Smartphone Photography


All of my photos are taken and edited on my smartphone. I have a Sony Xperia and I use free photo editing apps from the Play Store.

Most smartphones these days have excellent cameras and I have to say I love the camera on the Xperia.


As far as editing goes you actually get some pretty good photo editing apps with the Xperia but I have no doubt iPhones and other android phones haveĀ  similar.

I use Light Effects, Mirror Photo, Camera Effects, Pixlr-o-Matic and Photogrid.

Pixlr-o-Matic Has some good filters and bokeh. Mirror Photo has various mirror effects, filters and frames. Light Effects is where I get various fantasy and flame effects and Camera Effects has some good filters and it’s where I get my stars and planet effects.


There’s so right or wrong way to use these apps. The strength of the end image will depend on the original photo you take. So play around and find your style!
These apps and many more are free so get downloading, see what’s available.

Moxie McMurder




I’ve been thinking about scarves recently. Not the wooly kind, the silk or polyester kind.
I’d love to see my photography as a scarf. I think some of my photos would make stylish and unique scarves.


Sadly I’m unable to work at the moment due to health reasons so I am considering using crowdfunding to get things up and running.
Would you donate to a project like this?


I would love to get some scarves made up so I can sell them and make a bit of money. I applied for PIP benefits in June last year and I’ve only just had an appointment come through for me to be assessed at the end of March, just 3 months shy of a year.
So, I have no money to pay for the printing myself.


I was part of a successful Kickstarter project a few years ago so crowdfunding is something I’m somewhat familiar with.

Would you donate? Do you think my photography would work as a scarf or am I mental?

Let me know your thoughts!

Dark Days


It’s a dark and dismal day today. Thick grey clouds line the sky and I expect the heavens to open any minute.

I’ve been having some really bad back pain lately which means I can’t take my dogs up to the woods, which means no exercise and no photography. The picture above was taken from my back door.

Still, I have a lot of photos that need editing so while I’m sofa bound that’s what I’ll be doing.

I’ve got some exciting things lined up including a chance to have my photography appear in The Shadows Magazine, which is really cool. They contacted me last week and I’m thrilled they like my photography.

If you’d like to look at more of my photography you can find it on Facebook.

Don’t forget to follow Burn the Witch Photography on Twitter @BurnTWphoto and use the hashtag #CreativeCoven

Creative Coven


Part of the reason I started blogging was so I could go into more detail about my photography and poetry.
Another reason was so I that I could meet more artists like myself and that’s when the idea of the #CreativeCoven came to me.

If you’re an artist/photographer/poet/writer/jeweler/creative type use the hashtag #CreativeCoven whenever you create something new and we can all help promote your art by retweeting or sharing on Facebook etc.

The #CreativeCoven is an opportunity to build a new community of crafty individuals whose art is of the strange and unusual variety. Need advice? Ask the coven. Looking for materials? Ask the coven.
So, to get this ball rolling I’ve started using the hashtag and I encourage you to use it too.

Let’s do this witches!



I can’t get no sleep…
Sadly I have no idea who the artist is but it accurately describes how I feel right now.

I hate insomnia. I’ve struggled with sleep since I was a kid. I remember playing the ‘clock game”, a game where I would see what the time was, then keep my eyes shut tight for as long as I could and not open them until a certain amount of time had passed. Did I know how to party or what?

As I got older I would read until I felt tired but no matter how tired I felt, I didn’t get drowsy enough to sleep, just drowsy enough to not remember anything I had read by the next morning.

Now, thanks to technology, when I can’t sleep I can Tweet or Facebook, read articles or blog, like I’m doing now..all from my phone. Which is great but still doesn’t help my sleep patterns.

Insomnia can be used to describe various states of sleeping disorders and I’ve experienced many different types. There’s managing to drift off to sleep only to be woken and wide awake a couple of hours later, there’s not being able to sleep at all, waking up throughout the night etc
All in all, not being able to sleep is exhausting, the ultimate irony.

I’m going to put my phone down, lie in the dark and hope the Sandman pays me a visit tonight.

Sweet and Deadly Dreams!

If You Go Into The Woods Today


This is a shot from the dog walk this morning. I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out.
I had the woods to myself this morning which is always nice. I couldn’t stay in the woods for long as my back has been really painful but I had to let my girls have a run around.


This is Newt and in the background is Ripley, they love the woods. I’m so lucky to have somewhere to let them off the lead that’s only 5 mins up the road from my house.

I’ll be editing more photos today so keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook.

Moxie McMurder

Burn The Witch

Why Burn The Witch Photography?

the horror of beauty

Well, I named my photography after one of my favourite My Ruin songs. Burn The Witch is from the third My Ruin album The Horror of Beauty.

I’ve been a fan and friend of the band for years and considering I take so many pictures of trees I thought Burn The Witch would make a good fit.

Tairrie B Murphy writes from the heart and I can always relate to what she says in her songs. Burn The Witch has so much punch, so much atmosphere. If you’ve never heard My Ruin before I invite you to visit their Bandcamp page and listen to their albums.


I see her coming filled in her disease
Don’t bother runnin’, she sees me
Her smile is thick, so sick there ain’t no cure
I never wanna be just like her, no

Burn, burn, burn the witch

I watch her leave, still filled with her disease
Don’t give a fuck what she thinks
Her hands are clean but no one here believes
So full of shit that she stinks

Burn, burn, burn the witch
Burn, burn, burn the witch

The antithesis to everything she is
The enemy, I am her nemesis
Miss Ugliness will stick and linger
So I must focus on my middle finger

Burn, burn, burn the witch
Burn, burn, burn the witch

I see her coming, I see her, I see her
I see her coming, burn the witch
I watch her running, I watch her, I watch her
I watch her running, burn that witch