DSC_4105[1]Good evening, welcome to my blog!

I decided to start blogging about my photography in the hopes I can meet up with similar minded folk.

All of my Burn The Witch Photography is taken on my smartphone (Sony Xperia) and for a while I really didn’t feel comfortable calling myself a photographer..or rather an amateur photographer.

And then I thought balls to that, I’m going to show people my photos, they got a good reaction from my friends (biased as they me be) and despite some self doubt I made a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a Flickr and Foap account. I was going to show people my art..even though I cringe a bit when I call it that (I’m working on it!).

I like to take photos when I’m walking my dogs in the woods, so my photographs are mostly of trees but I edit them (on my smartphone) and add a magical touch.

I have so many ideas for my photos beyond just prints but for now I’m happy to post my pictures. I entered a photography competition for Dark Beauty Magazine and it was accepted! I’ve got a few votes already but if you’ve got a spare minute please vote for me or one of the other very talented photographers. You can vote here. You are allowed to enter 2 photos, you can vote for the other photo here.


These are the photos I entered. I think they give you a good idea of the sort of photography I do.

I love taking pictures of trees, they never look the same twice. There’s no such thing as an ugly tree and the more time I spent taking photos of trees the more I really got into it. I fell in love with trees, which sounds so pretentious but  I’m always listening to music on the dog walk and I promise you, with the right soundtrack be it natural woodland sounds or a band you love if the mood is right you feel something, a connection.  I love editing my photos, it’s so relaxing and and the same time creative so it’s the best of both worlds.

When I post photos on Facebook or wherever, I like to post a quote or lyric that I think fits with the image. This blog means I can get a bit more personal and talk about things a bit more indepth.

I look forward to building a #CreativeCoven with people who make the sort of art I like. Things on the dark or mysterious side, the night owls, the coffee addicts and together, talk about and promote some cool shit.

My name is Moxie McMurder and this is my art.
Burn baby burn


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