I can’t get no sleep…
Sadly I have no idea who the artist is but it accurately describes how I feel right now.

I hate insomnia. I’ve struggled with sleep since I was a kid. I remember playing the ‘clock game”, a game where I would see what the time was, then keep my eyes shut tight for as long as I could and not open them until a certain amount of time had passed. Did I know how to party or what?

As I got older I would read until I felt tired but no matter how tired I felt, I didn’t get drowsy enough to sleep, just drowsy enough to not remember anything I had read by the next morning.

Now, thanks to technology, when I can’t sleep I can Tweet or Facebook, read articles or blog, like I’m doing now..all from my phone. Which is great but still doesn’t help my sleep patterns.

Insomnia can be used to describe various states of sleeping disorders and I’ve experienced many different types. There’s managing to drift off to sleep only to be woken and wide awake a couple of hours later, there’s not being able to sleep at all, waking up throughout the night etc
All in all, not being able to sleep is exhausting, the ultimate irony.

I’m going to put my phone down, lie in the dark and hope the Sandman pays me a visit tonight.

Sweet and Deadly Dreams!


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