This may be Hollywood
But there will be no happy ending
Are you ready for your closeup?
A lifetime of pretending?

~ Moxie McMurder


New Poem Sharp Edges up on Honeysuckle Magazine Website!

My latest poem to be published is called Sharp Edges and is up on the Honeysuckle Magazine website.


You can click here to read it.
The photo used is by the talented photographer Tracy S. Sydor.

Moxie McMurder


Photo by Noaclick (found on Pinterest)


Beware the moon
It can cast spells as well as it can shadows
Hides a multitude of sins
And lights a thousand pathways
She is in command of the sea
Deep and strong
Illuminating sailors as they drown
Or sail
She is wild
Those beams of moonlight
Hide magic and mischief
Her orphic allure
Blamed for madness
And all the while
She shines

Moxie McMurder


Image found on Pinterest, no artist credit.

By Moxie McMurder

I hear you
Howling at the moon
But it doesn’t sound quite right
A sheep in wolves clothing

Desperate to lead
Desperate to please
Sacrifice your flock
Motivated by greed

Imitated a predator
Bared your fangs
Turned your back
Abandoned your lambs

But you bit the hand that feeds
So now
With blood in your mouth
You starve and look to the skies
Limp back to the herd
Take off your disguise

Slink back to comfort
And bleat
Because wolves don’t lose sleep
Over the opinion of sheep