Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell 

I want to hear cicadas 

On this warm night 

But I have the crack of melting ice cubes 

In my whiskey 

And a smoke in my hand 

This is somewhere 

Between heaven and hell 


When the Time is Right 

Cast the circle

Call upon the night to guide me

Deeper and darker than a raging sea

Arms to the sky

Drawing power from within

Now the magic can really begin

Mumbled words on my hot breath

Ready to meet the face of death

The time is right 

It’s the hour of the wolf 

A storm is coming 

But I’ve prepared myself 

~ Moxie McMurder

Burn the Witch Art

The Daughters of Revolution 

This poem was inspired by a tweet by Kim Kelly.

The Daughters of Revolution 

With his back to me he said 

Your daughter’s beauty will start a revolution in the neighbourhood 

A pack of fierce girls, I thought 


And the beast 

Living as one 

Living in each daughter 

Born of my fire and love 

I birth and nurture these rebels 

Their names will be remembered 

The she wolves of revolution 

~ Moxie McMurder 

Burn the Witch Art