The End of Me

Bleach my bones in the sun and wrap them in scarlet ribbon

Bury them in the warm earth and mark them with stones

Under the stars I am bound to a realm of eternal sleep

I will be forgotten and only the birds will sing for me


The Ink is Alive

spilled inkIt spills from my pen
It spills from my mind
And it’s alive

These words have a heartbeat
And it’s bleeding
I can taste these words in my mouth
As the ink drips from my hand

They stick in my throat
So I write them down
Choking on adjectives
And vomiting verbs

With a life of their own
They crawl
They breathe life into a dead relationship
And I’m left to mourn alone

Ink stained hands
Out dammed spot!
My hands are never clean
These words are still hot

~ Moxie McMurder