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I love Pinterest and if you’re a creative chances are you’ll love it too.
Whether you’re a photographer, writer, painter, artist of any kind you’ll find plenty of inspiration and tutorials.

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Burn the Witch Art


The Begging Ocean 

I can feel the ocean

Even though I cannot see it

I can smell the salt

Lying savoury upon my lips

I hear the roar of the waves

I roar back

And I can feel myself getting lost

I can see the darkness of the storm

It’s my veins

Do you feel it?

The pull of the current

Begging you to step in

Be swept away

To lose your footing on the stones

Seaweed under your feet

I’m scared of the ocean

I know what she can do

But I’m drawn to her all the same

I feel at peace by the shore

But I never go in the water

Moxie McMurder

Burn the Witch Art


Photo by Noaclick (found on Pinterest)


Beware the moon
It can cast spells as well as it can shadows
Hides a multitude of sins
And lights a thousand pathways
She is in command of the sea
Deep and strong
Illuminating sailors as they drown
Or sail
She is wild
Those beams of moonlight
Hide magic and mischief
Her orphic allure
Blamed for madness
And all the while
She shines

Moxie McMurder

Double Standard is up on Honeysuckle Magazine!

My poem Double Standard is up on the Honeysuckle Magazine website!

It’s a poem inspired by a group of friends who turned against me because they couldn’t deal with the way I express my feminism.
It’s sad when people you’ve known for over a decade can turn against you for simply wanting equality.

I hope you enjoy Double Standard.

Moxie McMurder
Burn the Witch Art

Share Your Art!

Share your art

It’s been a white since I’ve blogged here. Life has gotten in the way of my photography recently.

Due to a back and neck injury I am struggling to get out as much as I used to. Over the last few years my ability to go out for walks has slowly diminished.

However, instead of getting down about my health, although don’t get me wrong, my injuries have caused me to go down some dark roads. I have decided to be brave and start sharing some of my poetry.

I’ve been writing for years but it’s only been over the past couple of years that I’ve started sharing it with people and now I’m lucky enough to write for a living.

Poetry is different though. It’s personal, far more so than any opinion piece I’ve written. Poetry is bearing your soul and as usual the fraud police are at the back of my mind screaming ‘for the love of god don’t show anyone that rubbish!’.

To the fraud police I say…come and get me! So what if no one likes it? So what if no one reads it? My poetry is what is it and I’d rather write it down and share it with the world than hide it away and deny it breath.

So, share your art! Bring it into the world bloody and screaming. Let it breath and see what happens. Maybe nothing will come of it but remember, you are an artist, a creator. It’s your job to be true to the art in your heart and your head.

Dare to share!

Moxie McMurder