The Begging Ocean 

I can feel the ocean

Even though I cannot see it

I can smell the salt

Lying savoury upon my lips

I hear the roar of the waves

I roar back

And I can feel myself getting lost

I can see the darkness of the storm

It’s my veins

Do you feel it?

The pull of the current

Begging you to step in

Be swept away

To lose your footing on the stones

Seaweed under your feet

I’m scared of the ocean

I know what she can do

But I’m drawn to her all the same

I feel at peace by the shore

But I never go in the water

Moxie McMurder

Burn the Witch Art

Do Your Worst 

Stab me with pins 

And bind my hand 

Stitch mystery lips 

I don’t give a damn 

The winds are changing 

You dream of blood 

Prophecies in your nightmares 

Of you dragged through the mud 

These things you have done 

Will haunt you forever 

No salt can protect you 

Your lifeline’s been severed 

~ Moxie McMurder 

Burn the Witch Art 


Burn the Witch Art

You want to start a fire

This relationship has become a tinderbox 

A spark is all it needs



Words spilled starting fires

And you fan the flames 

It’s doing well but I burn brighter 


I explode with a fierceness you never expected 

Blistered lips 

From the words I speak 

There is no water here and my fire catches the wind

Turning our lives to ashes

There are no survivors here

~ Moxie McMurder 

Burn the Witch Art 

When the Time is Right 

Cast the circle

Call upon the night to guide me

Deeper and darker than a raging sea

Arms to the sky

Drawing power from within

Now the magic can really begin

Mumbled words on my hot breath

Ready to meet the face of death

The time is right 

It’s the hour of the wolf 

A storm is coming 

But I’ve prepared myself 

~ Moxie McMurder

Burn the Witch Art

The Axeman of New Orleans


Play the right song and save your skin
The Axeman is out tonight

A head rests upon a pillow
Another’s swims with melodies
Mixed with dark desires
Dreams of blood red tragedies

It must have been quite a sight
Taken out by your own axe
This side of midnight
The Axeman is out tonight

With trembling hands
The people of New Orleans pull back the curtains

Keeping watch for the demon from hottest hell
Who would be his next victim?
There was no way to tell
The Axeman is out tonight

His footsteps echo along lonely streets
Looking for a backdoor to break

When the steel of the axe hits bone
And shatters the life from its home
His smile shines in the moonlight
The Axeman is out tonight

Who is this man? This monster? This ghost?
Who sneaks into homes and murders the host
Who disappears each evening, into the night
The Axeman is out tonight

By Moxie McMurder



I am the cuckoo
Given wings of freedom by other birds
We chirp and tweet
But my song doesn’t sound quite right
I see other cuckoos in their nests
My song sounds like theirs
Our feathers match
But here I am, in another tree

Brood parasite
Far enough to be free
Close enough to be seen

The other birds loved me
But I often wonder what it would be like to live in a cuckoo’s nest
But I guess, in the end
I found out

Moxie McMurder