Bought and Sold

You’ve been sold a lie 

And you paid for it with shame

The beauty myth

Peddled by big business 

Costing us in more ways than we can count 

We should have kept the receipt 

~ Moxie McMurder 

Burn the Witch 


Not Worth the InkĀ 

Enemies are my speciality

You’re nothing special 

Just another name 

One of several 

My shit list grows by the day 

I know it in my gut 

I’ve battled worse than you 

You didn’t make the cut

Not worth the ink

But I have plenty to spare

Just ready to spill

For the nemesis rare 

~ Moxie McMurder 

Burn the Witch Art 

The Ink is Alive

spilled inkIt spills from my pen
It spills from my mind
And it’s alive

These words have a heartbeat
And it’s bleeding
I can taste these words in my mouth
As the ink drips from my hand

They stick in my throat
So I write them down
Choking on adjectives
And vomiting verbs

With a life of their own
They crawl
They breathe life into a dead relationship
And I’m left to mourn alone

Ink stained hands
Out dammed spot!
My hands are never clean
These words are still hot

~ Moxie McMurder


The Death of Rebirth

Fire Pit ~ Burn the Witch Photography

High on ego
She seeks to be reborn
From the ashes of the bridges she’s burned
Can’t see the pattern
She’s just a victim
Of other people’s poison
There’s no other reason
But her resurrection
Will be of desolation
No one to hear
No one to care
No one to intimidate
No one to scare

Burn the Witch