A Little Slice of Death

We fall, drift, slip

The unknown journey through sleep

I wish I could remember

I wish I could forget

And fall, drift and slip

To dream and wander through that dimension that feels so real it must be fake

I want to sleep and dream of homes I only half know and speak to people long gone

To fall, drift and slip


The Begging Ocean 

I can feel the ocean

Even though I cannot see it

I can smell the salt

Lying savoury upon my lips

I hear the roar of the waves

I roar back

And I can feel myself getting lost

I can see the darkness of the storm

It’s my veins

Do you feel it?

The pull of the current

Begging you to step in

Be swept away

To lose your footing on the stones

Seaweed under your feet

I’m scared of the ocean

I know what she can do

But I’m drawn to her all the same

I feel at peace by the shore

But I never go in the water

Moxie McMurder

Burn the Witch Art

Kate Tempest – Let Them Eat Chaos 

If you missed Kate Tempest’s BBC performance of Let Them Eat Chaos, you can watch it on the BBC iPlayer

Let Them Eat Chaos is a long form poem accompanied by excellent beats that combine to create an intimate atmosphere. This is what poetry is all about. Pure expression. 

Kate Tempest is a spectacular spoken word poet, writer and rapper. Her new album Let Them Eat Chaos is out now! 

Her BBC performance is truly epic and I thoroughly recommend you check it out. She’s a true wordsmith and her passion is palpable. You cannot fail to be inspired by her.

I’d love her to release the performance on DVD, I’ve already watched it multiple times on the iPlayer

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did..do.

Moxie McMurder 

Burn the Witch Art