Stormy Weather

A journey through the storm

Requires a pause

In this moment of madness

That wrecks my peaceful blissful ship

These waters become dangerous

I cannot see the bottom

And I’m scared I’ve lost my way

In order not to drown

And keep my peace of mind

I wonder Have I lost my map or just misplaced the compass?

Moxie McMurder

Burn the Witch Art


The Begging Ocean 

I can feel the ocean

Even though I cannot see it

I can smell the salt

Lying savoury upon my lips

I hear the roar of the waves

I roar back

And I can feel myself getting lost

I can see the darkness of the storm

It’s my veins

Do you feel it?

The pull of the current

Begging you to step in

Be swept away

To lose your footing on the stones

Seaweed under your feet

I’m scared of the ocean

I know what she can do

But I’m drawn to her all the same

I feel at peace by the shore

But I never go in the water

Moxie McMurder

Burn the Witch Art