The Axeman of New Orleans


Play the right song and save your skin
The Axeman is out tonight

A head rests upon a pillow
Another’s swims with melodies
Mixed with dark desires
Dreams of blood red tragedies

It must have been quite a sight
Taken out by your own axe
This side of midnight
The Axeman is out tonight

With trembling hands
The people of New Orleans pull back the curtains

Keeping watch for the demon from hottest hell
Who would be his next victim?
There was no way to tell
The Axeman is out tonight

His footsteps echo along lonely streets
Looking for a backdoor to break

When the steel of the axe hits bone
And shatters the life from its home
His smile shines in the moonlight
The Axeman is out tonight

Who is this man? This monster? This ghost?
Who sneaks into homes and murders the host
Who disappears each evening, into the night
The Axeman is out tonight

By Moxie McMurder